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Groupon Deal, Questions and Answers

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Questions and Answers regarding your Surface With A Smile Groupon® Deal

Question: With your carpet cleaning special, are you providing deep cleaning or surface cleaning?

Answer: We will deep clean your carpets using hot water extraction (commonly referred to as steam cleaning). Carpet companies like Shaw Industries, Mohawk and Stainmaster Carpets recommend that only hot water extraction be used to clean carpets.

Question: Will you use a portable machine or a truck-mounted machine?

Answer: We normally use our truck-mounted machine to clean carpets. However, our hoses are only so long; therefore, if the location of the cleaning is more than three floors high we will have to use our portable.

Question: How do you charge if the room is greater than 150 square feet?

Answer: For any excess coverage we charge an additional .20 cents a square foot. So, for example, your room is 200 square feet, the additional charge would be $10.00.

Question: I only have 2 rooms of carpets and stairs; can I substitute the stairs for one of the rooms?

Answer: We realize that not everyone has 3 rooms of carpets. In order to accommodate people in this situation, we would be happy to make this exchange.

Question: How much would an additional room cost to clean and deodorize?

Answer: Our normal rate is $60 a room at 150 square footage.

Question: Will stain treatment be an additional cost?

Answer: Yes, the cost will vary. However, most normal size stains will cost an additional $5-$7 dollars.

Question: Are you certified and insured?

Answer: Yes we are certified and insured.

Question: What does it cost to add protector to our carpet?

Answer: Normally it will average around $15-$20 a room. We only use Teflon Advance protection. We strongly encourage you to use carpet protection (please see our section on carpet protection).

Question: I have tile and grout that needs cleaned; can you help with that issue?

Answer: Yes we can. Please see our link to tile and grout cleaning on our website. This will give you some idea of our capability.

Question: Can I get my upholstery cleaned while you are at our home? If so, about how much do you charge?

Answer: Yes, we would be happy to help you with your upholstery. Our rates for a love seat is $60 and a traditional sofa is $75. Smaller kitchen/dining rooms chairs are between $20-$35.

Question: What makes Surface With A Smile different than other carpet cleaning companies?

Answer: We are IICRC certified. We use a hot water extraction cleaning process. In addition, we use an agitator  to work the prespray into the carpet fibers. We normally do not use a carpet wand. We prefer to use the Rotovac 360 to rinse and extract (see link to the website to find out more information). Our clients have found that this process has extremely favorable results. Also, we only carry Teflon Advance carpet protection. Please see our link to our carpet cleaning process >>.